The title is a little off-putting almost equally to both New Yorkers and Philadelphians but it certainly gets the conversation started. The Brooklyn to Philly hype has been in full effect for many years! It was most notably cited in Jessica Pressler’s 2005 article in the NY Times- “Philadelphia Story: The Next Borough”(see link below). It was recently also outlined in Susan Gregory Thomas’ Philadelphia Magazine article about NYer’s moving to Philly. It sounds like a tired drum beat…but there is no official outlet for finding the information that you need to do the research.

Now there is. My BrooklynToPhilly blog is here to provide the necessary tools for those thinking of relocating to Philadelphia. Whether it is schools or restaurants, our nightlife or our galleries, our bustling network of public parks and numerous public spaces. Philadelphia is growing and changing. We have an educated work force. We have space. We are affordable.

Come and check it out for yourself or pick up the phone and give me a call:

Christopher Plant

Jessica Pressler http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/14/fashion/sundaystyles/14PHILLY.html?pagewanted=all

Susan Gregory Thomas-