Philadelphia University of the Arts graduate Shelley Spector has a knack for taking things apart- furniture, clothing and vintage textiles to name a few- and beautifully reconstructing them into pieces of art. Spector infamously merges broken parts of many different mediums and merges them together into one cohesive object. Often keeping the concept of common household items like pencils, rows of magazine spines, and picture frames in mind, she coins her creations “could-be relics.”

This past Saturday, Philadelphia Museum of Art debuted a new exhibit by Spector titled Shelley Spector: Keep the Home Fires Burning; a new collection made up of recycled and scavenged materials. The sculptures, both suspended and free-standing, are displayed in the Joan Spain Gallery in the Perelman Building, and marks the first solo gallery by Spector. The exhibit will remain on display until September 27th.

More information here.