The housing market in Philadelphia is tightening up these past few months. I have been party to fast transactions and, in some cases, multiple offer scenarios. It’s not just first time buyers either, but a broad cross-section of the market including commercial opportunities. This is a great problem to have. It means that consumers are feeling very comfortable with the long haul.

Philadelphia is an exciting place to be. There was an article in the NYT’s yesterday about the death of the Philadelphia local accent that caught my eye. Is this a natural occurrence brought on by the shrinking world of the internet or are there really so many new folks in town that the local vocal style is getting watered down? I tend to think that more people have a wider world view.

Anywho, this is a great time to re-up or jump in. Philadelphia real estate appears to be a smart investment at this time. It’s more than Bella Vista and Society Hill. It’s Brewerytown, Port Richmond, Germantown and a long list of emerging neighborhoods.