Phila condo I have made the mistake of comparing Philadelphia to Brooklyn and/or Manhattan in the past. That is not the way to think about this. Philly isn’t Brooklyn. It is very different. It should be. NYC is one of the finest cities in the world. We just happen to be the next door neighbor.  That being said, you can buy a condo in Philadelphia in one of our finest neighborhoods for 40-60% less than what you might find in Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Fort Greene, Murray Hill or Columbia Heights (not to mention the West Village, Tribeca or Chelsea!). If what you do doesn’t have to be 24/7 right in the BK…give us a look! Philly knows whats up! We have all styles from uber loft condo in Northern Liberties to mega swank at the top some of Philly’s tallest buildings! From the low 300’s to as much as you want to spend!


526 Liv