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Hey Bon Appetit, Headed to Reading Terminal? Grab Me a Dinic’s Roast Pork With Sharp Provy and Rabes.

Philadelphia's Reading Terminal Market: 'The Old World Made New Again' photo

Aaah, the sights, the sounds, the flavors, the aromas, a busy market can be sensory overload. Reading Terminal Market with it’s 6.5 million visitors per year would surely rank as one of the nations best.  Bon Appetit did a little feature and promises to follow it up with more in depth articles about the individual vendors that make this one of the city’s most beloved public spaces. Article here.

Snow Day Day Dreaming: Living Like A Robber Baron

Ever feel the need to live like a 19th century steel magnate? Does your style of city life require 6.7 acres of wooded property? Always wanted an estate you could call by name? Maybe Greylock is the home for you. Located at 209 Chestnut Hill Ave, this 18,000 sqft mansion was originally built for Pittsburg Steel Baron Henry A. Loughlin by renowned architect William Carpenter in 1909. Currently listed at only $1.5m, you can now afford this kind of opulence with out drawing the suspicious eye of trust busters. Listing via Zillow, 209 W Chestnut Hill Ave

Messin’ With The Hessians

Looking for some historical fun this Christmas Day? Washington will be crossing the Delaware once again this year (conditions permitting so keep your mitten-ed fingers crossed) marking the anniversary of the historic defeat of the Hessians in Trenton. A great excuse to shake the holiday cookie crumbs from your turtle neck, watch Old George himself give a rousing pre-row speech as the boys of The Continental Army embark on one of the most pivotal sneak attacks in history.