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Converted Police Station Lofts Perfect Fit for Former NY’ers

Precinct2.pptx   Google SlidesFeel free to swoon over The Precinct, a converted police station turned awesome 4-unit condo building on Moyamensing in Pennsport. The building has a contemporary fusion brick facade with arched windows and encases loft-style units with a large shared roof deck. These 2 and 3 bedroom condos feature 12 foot ceilings, modern kitchens, and hardwood floors, and are all under $350K. New Yorkers, what are you waiting for?
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Nonprofit Mt. Airy USA Works to Revitalize East Mount Airy

Local real estate nonprofit Mt. Airy USA is continuing to shine a spotlight on rehabbing distressed properties in East Mount Airy. Anuj Gupta (Mayor Nutter’s former Chief of Staff) and Brad Copeland argue that this is an essential way to better revitalize neighborhoods in East Mount Airy.  From

The state’s conservatorship law “gives the petitioner control of a property and ownership rights of titleholder without taking title to the property. If successful, you complete the rehab and teardown, or perhaps plant a community garden. Once done, then you petition the court to transfer the title. I argue it’s the most powerful tool on a one-off basis we now have to fight blight,” Gupta said.

These days, Germantown Avenue in Mount Airy has come alive with galleries, stores, and restaurants, including Little Jimmie’s Bakery Café.


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Filadelphia: Carnaval en Philly

Tomorrow night Tropicalismo, Philly’s leading platform for Afro-Latin-Caribbean culture, presents Carnaval en Philly- a celebration in Latin music, folklore, dance, food, live performances and artistic expression. Tropicalismo is teaming up with art gallery Taller Puertoriqueno to bring Carnaval’s rich culture and traditions right here to the City of Brotherly Love. Come check out art, photography and sculpture from the likes of Jaime Alvarez, Grimaldi Baez, and Miguel Antonio Horn.

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The 5th Square: The Philly PAC That’s Got Your Back

The 5th Square is a political action committee (PAC) in Philadelphia that is helping to change the city for the better. The non-partisan group is doing their best to ensure that the next Mayor and City Council candidates are prepared to make city job creation a major priority. Along with more jobs nearer to where people live, The 5th Square advocates for close and frequent transit stations, and urges public officials to treat Philly’s public streets as public spaces that serve pedestrians as well as cars.

In order to challenge officials to make the changes necessary to revitalize and revamp economic growth, The 5th Square tackles important issues like land value tax, protected bike lane arterials, regional employment, and the issues associated with gentrification.

For more information, or to donate to the cause, visit their website here.