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Nadia James and Start Up PHL

Read this story from Technically Philly about a young woman that knew she could find something better and found just that, in Philadelphia!

nadia-jamesNadia James used to work at LinkedIn’s London office, running international social media campaigns for major corporations like Google, American Express, IBM and Chanel.

After nearly two years at the company, the 25-year-old realized that smaller companies couldn’t afford digital marketing advice from a place like LinkedIn. So she moved back home, to Northern New Jersey, and opened up her own shop.

Griot Digital, named for the word for a West African storyteller, serves customers like Rutgers University, SemperCon and Practice Unite.

Once James got her business off the ground, she started scoping out cities to move to. She found Philly last spring, right before Philly Tech Week, which she said sealed the deal for her. (Full, self-serving disclosure: organizes Philly Tech Week.)

See the full story at Technically Philly!


TEDx Philadelphia and Being The Dumbest Guy In The Room

Sure it’s humbling but it’s also a great way to learn something. The March 29th conference of speakers will highlight some of the best ideas on the events theme “The New Workshop of The World”. At a recent party for the sponsors and speakers, hors d’oeuvres and ideas were passed around by some of the regions most informed and involved minds. There was an excitement about what is about to happen in Philadelphia over the next few years and this TEDx is emblematic of the convergence of ideas that this city is witnessing. The event is sold out but there are plenty of related engagements, viewing parties, and ancillary events to ensure the conversation will be city wide. Organizers had to sift through nearly 500 entries to narrow the field to 19, further proof that there are plenty of people in this city with bright ideas that are eager to contribute. This blog will be closely following events, check out the list of speakers at the link below.




Move To Philly And We Could Make Beautiful Music Together!!

Ex-Brooklynite turned Philly resident Peter Matthew Bauer released a single from his forthcoming album Liberation! Monday. “It touches on such subjects as growing up in a Hindu Yoga cult, Scientology, the city of Philadelphia, the God Shiva, the city of Varanasi, Richard Dawkins and Jorge Luis Borges, and was heavily influenced by the work of Roberto Bolaño & Elvis Presley” as quoted from a recent press release. Check out the single, Latin American Ficciones, the album is due to release June 24 and Peter and his band made up of “dirtbag greasers from Fishtown, Philadelphia and Austin, Texas” will be performing this Saturday at MilkBoy Philly.

Latin American Ficciones