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Weathervane Music Shaking Through Shines a Light On Homegrown Hip Hop

Weathervane Music continues to blow minds with their Shaking Through project. “A documentary series about the process and craft of recording music as seen through the eyes of some of today’s most promising independent musicians.” Shaking Through puts an artist in the studio for 24 hours and sits you right along side them to see what happens. Video, audio, and an interactive remix module complete with original tracks and raw audio makes this one of the richest musical experiences available. Check out the recent session with South Philly rapper Lush Life as he and other local luminary RJD2 put together a 12 minute, four part hip hop suite exploring the cryptic street art that is the Toynbee Idea Tiles.

Shaking Through -Toynbee Suite

Check Out Paul Strand at the PMA

Unhappy with your Instagram game? Need a break from all the Holiday card family portraits? Take an evening to check out the Paul Strand retrospective at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. From candid street photos to exotic travel locations Strand is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the modern age and his 4,000 image archive is considered one of the most important pieces of the museums collection. Get the 411 here at

Late breaking update:

Check out this awesome Artsy Paul Strand Page, great online overview of his work with 22 viewable pieces as well as a wealth of biographical and contextual information. Thanks Theo!

The End of Truthiness



colbert-dish-600Well, it had to happen some time. This has no relation whatsoever to our mission but we had to post regardless: The Stephen Colbert Report will cease to exist, beginning tonight! Now, we all know that he won’t be completely out of our lives but the character that we have all come to love to hate, surely will. There is no way that he can be THAT STEPHEN COLBERT on the Late Show! Check him out tonight, give him a kiss goodbye!

RiverRink WinterFest




TALK ABOUT A WHOLE LOTTA AWESOME: Make sure to check out RiverRink WinterFest this year, it’s second, and better than ever. We visited many, many times last year and were incredibly excited that the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation was able to pull off such a masterfully executed public space. With the help of the ever popular GROUNDSWELL (of Spruce Street Harbor fame), the skating rink and surrounding areas compose a masterful design. With firepits, rock’n’roll, food trucks and Adirondack chairs, this spot is sure to amaze. Make sure you take some time for some actual skating!