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Philadelphia Museum of Art Showcases 200 Years of African American Art

1cd4e8aa-09c6-49b9-8ef8-18a584cd6524-327x420Philadelphia Museum of Art is arguably home to some of the most impressive collections of art in the world. February marks America’s Black History Month, and the museum is brilliantly displaying 200 years of African American art in an exhibit that will last until April 5, 2015. Showcased artists include Henry Ossawa Tanner, Horance Pippin, Jacob Lawrence and Carrie Mae Weems.


Find out more about the museum, the exhibit, and plan your visit here.

“Detropia” Filmmakers Shine Light on Philly Kids in New Documentary

tumblr_mqvsd7ij1c1rkz363o1_1280Heidi Ewing and Rachael Grady, filmmakers behind the popular documentaries “Detropia” and “Jesus Camp,” have brought the spotlight to a group of kids in South Philly who are part of the Do Remember Me Project. The film, which has made its debut at the Sundance Institute, focuses on American youth using technology to communicate and connect with other kids around the world.

The Philly kids, along with other groups from New York, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Paris, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda, use technology and art to learn about one another and their cultures. Connecting the kids through Skype, video blogs and other means of communication, the minds behind Do Remember Me create a space for positive, respectful dialogue. Kids ask each other powerful questions about their neighborhoods, the safety of their schools, and whether or not they’ve ever experienced racism in their communities. They even take the time to show off skills and talents- one Parisian boy beat-boxes while the Philly kids bob their heads in musical camaraderie, who then in turn show an impressive choreographed dance routine to the Paris group.

The film shines a spectacular light on the use of modern technology to see something truly beautiful- compassionate human connection.



Artist Found Dead of Starvation In NYC!!!

Charles Bukowski

Well not literally, but come on creatives, how much longer are you going to force yourself to eek by in a place that couldn’t be more inhospitable to artists than New York? Why move to Detroit where you couldn’t be more removed from other important arts communities? Need space? We’ve got tons, and it’s cheap, Globe Dye Works, Crane Arts, MaKen Studio, and this list barely scratches the surface, literally millions of square feet of space is available. Affordable housing? Us again, you can actually afford to live here as a professional artist. World class cultural institutions? Yep yep, PMA, The Barnes Foundation, The Curtis Institute, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, to name a few. Charles Bukowski was here, and while he was never known for his broker babble, it still seems pretty inspiring.

there’s nothing like being young
and starving,
living in a roominghouse and
pretending to be a
while other men are occupied
with their professions and
their possessions.
there’s nothing like being
young and
listening to Brahms,
your belly sucked-in,
nary an ounce of
stretched out on the bed
in the dark,
smoking a rolled
and working on the
last bottle of
the sheets of your
writing strewn across the
you have walked on and across
your masterpieces, and
they’ll be read in
or perhaps
gnawed at by the
Brahms is the only
friend you have,
the only friend you
him and the wine
as you realize that
you will never
be a citizen of the
and if you
live to be very
you still will never
be a citizen of the
the wine and
Brahms mix well as
you watch the
move across the
courtesy of
soon you’ll sleep
tomorrow there
will be

Philly Photographer Captures Humanity in Urban Decay

Jeffrey Stockbridge is probably not shooting your next handy man special. The local artist creeps in and around dilapidated row homes photographing the remnants of lives gone by. Often abandoned or inhabited by squatters, the environments he captures speak to the spectrum of human experience that goes on in even the grimiest corners of life. His encounters with the inhabitants of this world are also documented in an impressive collection of portraits. Check out his work here.