It is my hope that this will be the best Resource for Brooklynites (or even your average citizen of the world) looking to move to Philadelphia. On this site you will find important information that will help you understand what the benefits of moving to Philadelphia are and how to access them.

I am a real-estate professional working in residential and commercial real estate. I want to help you find the right home in the right neighborhood at the right price. It’s not as easy as one might hope!

I have been working in Philadelphia Real Estate for 10 years and have a broad understanding of every corner of this town. I study important economic, social and cultural trends to make sure that I am completely versed in whatever questions you might have and if I don’t know the answer straight off, I will find it promptly!

Whether it is commercial or residential, I am the go-to person to help you make that change! For the average NYer, Philadelphia is a great option to consider to make your life easier and more pleasant to live.

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