Let’s all have a collective moment of Opening Day Zen as we wish the Phillies a stellar season. With a less than impressive standing last year (73-89, landing them in 5th place in NL East), the loss of a few familiar faces, and recent sharp comments from the likes of Hamels and J-Roll, we need to get our head back in the game. Today the Phillies are back at Citizens Bank Park to face off with the Red Sox for the home opener. We at M2P are all staying positive and believing that here in Philly, anything can happen… even World Series wins.

To kick things off, those outside at 2:13 p.m. can line up on 10th Street and cheer on our boys as they make their “Leadoff Walk” into the park. Pre-game anthems to be sung the Philadelphia Boys Choir and Men’s Chorale, as reps from all of the Armed Forces unfurl an enormous American flag. Hamels is expected to start, so for the time being we’ll forgive him for the less-than-positive remarks and for those annoying Red Sox rumors. Get tickets here

Let’s Go, Phillies!