Just a few blocks south of South Street and a few blocks north of the Italian Market lies the 800 block of Kater Street. It threads it’s way between Bainbridge and South before coming to a T with another shady lane, Schell Street. There is no sound of traffic, no bustling tourists, just some leafy trees and a few very lucky neighbors. The street feels old, historic, these little streets are part of the romance of living in a place like Philadelphia where once residents were more concerned with horse carts than SUV’s. Down a private alley is 815 Kater St #B, a wonderful trinity with a charming patio set back in the middle of the block. With 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, it’s an efficient space uniquely situated, at once completely separate from, yet totally encompassed by,all of the amenities and excitement of living in a thriving urban environment. To see what we mean, stop by this Sunday 8/9 from 2-4 for our open house, complete listing can be found here.