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My New Brooklyn To Philly 3.0 Video!

It has taken me a minute or two to get the tone and the pitch of this presentation correct but here it is. Big thanks to Stratagem Pictures for standing by me to get it done! When I say Brooklyn…it is a state of mind about an overhyped and financially unrealistic world and not an actual place!

Watch the video link on Youtube below and let me know what you think! Call me anytime at 215.740.2339 or email at!

Why This Matters To Me

Christopher Plant Bio Image

It seems that you can’t turn sideways anymore without hearing a great story about how Philadelphia is changing for the better. Then, there are the detractors of this whole “getting better” enterprise. I sit squarely at the front of the “bring it on” team. I think progress is exciting. I don’t mean progress for the sake of progress but I believe the vast majority of new folks in town are just the type of optimistic, let’s get it done type of folk this town needs more of. They add to the already vibrant mix of socially, racially and culturally folk that have called this home for many years.

I will be at TEDxPhiladelphia all day on Friday March 28th. This will take place on the campus of Temple University where I began my Philadelphia journey before leaving for 14 years. I was one of the original organizers of this year’s events. I am proud of what we are about to achieve. We took an idea that was not moving forward in this town and made it work. We worked hard and raised over $185,000 through ticket sales, sponsorships, grants and gifts. We put together an impressive roster of amazing people. We scrambled to find what we thought was the cream of the crop of the over 500 speaker nomination submissions that we received. There were incredible people that we couldn’t fit into this program and this theme that were astonishingly qualified! We could have filled a week of programming. Nonetheless, what will step onto this TEDx stage today will be brilliant and noteworthy.

I am proud to call myself a Philadelphian. I know now that I will always call myself a Philadelphian. I want to be a fantastic part of Philadelphia’s future.

Let’s do this TOGETHER!

Christopher Plant

Philly Designer Sells Home With Personally Cultivated Furnishings


Ever get the hankering to live in an Anthropology catalog but fear you lack the taste to pull it off? This recently pended listing comes with many of the quirky knick knacks and design features that will make your friends finally notice how cool you are. Admittedly, taste is a subjective thing, but one can’t help but notice the thought and effort that went into putting this home together. Located in an equally fashionable neighborhood, this East Passyunk 3 bedroom spent only a single day on the market before going under contract with an asking price of only $409,000!

Complete listing via Zillow


Housing Market Tips Back to the Seller…and That Is A Good Thing!


The housing market in Philadelphia is tightening up these past few months. I have been party to fast transactions and, in some cases, multiple offer scenarios. It’s not just first time buyers either, but a broad cross-section of the market including commercial opportunities. This is a great problem to have. It means that consumers are feeling very comfortable with the long haul.

Philadelphia is an exciting place to be. There was an article in the NYT’s yesterday about the death of the Philadelphia local accent that caught my eye. Is this a natural occurrence brought on by the shrinking world of the internet or are there really so many new folks in town that the local vocal style is getting watered down? I tend to think that more people have a wider world view.

Anywho, this is a great time to re-up or jump in. Philadelphia real estate appears to be a smart investment at this time. It’s more than Bella Vista and Society Hill. It’s Brewerytown, Port Richmond, Germantown and a long list of emerging neighborhoods.