Monthly Archives: September 2013
Philly Fringe


Wow. There are so many truly fantastic shows at this year’s Fringe Festival! Check it online at to see for yourself. Jessica and I were lucky enough to catch Brian Sanders JUNK DANCE at the 23rd Street Armory. It was an amazing show! Philly is hitting all the high notes!!!

Little Nonna’s Italian Eatery

LittleNonnasVenturing out of their sweet spot at 13th and Sansom (just a wee bit), we have Marcie Turney and Val Safran opening what appears to be an awesome little spot at 1234 Locust Street called Little Nonna’s. Marcie and Val have a half dozen restaurants by now and expect this to be as good as the rest! This is going to have a 40 seat garden space as well. Be sure to check it out. These ladies make yummy food and create great vibes!


When I Picked Philadelphia…


When You Don’t Know Where You Are Going…

Lost and Confused Signpost

I decided to move to Philadelphia with my wife after becoming intensely frustrated with living in New York. It was expensive and complicated for us at that time. I go back now and sometimes wonder what might have been had we chosen to stay. Then, I hop in my car and take the 90 minute drive back to the door to my lovely house…throw a few sticks of wood into my soapstone wood stove, kick up my feet and pet my dog.
I can’t imagine not having made this change. Philly isn’t Manhattan or Brooklyn but it’s been amazing to me. I know so many folks up in NY that struggle with how to stay or even why to stay. Some friends recently had their rent raised on a West Village 2 bedroom apartment to an unsustainable price. They moved to New Jersey. He commutes several times a week. She still owns a business in Manhattan and comes in frequently as well. I only bring this up to point out that so many of the people that I know in NYC are right on the edge of leaving…and it is not always the money!
If you think that you would like to explore your options in Philadelphia please give me a call at 215.740.2339. It’s a great option.